Paulstretch Updated To Ver.2

heres the link to kvr…asc&start=0


Thanks! Didn’t know of this until now. And I really love Paulstretch! So thanks a lot man :D

your welcome

i still need to figure out how to get good results time stretching beats,so they WONT sound like drone-samples hehe

Yeah, well. PaulStretch is one extreme stretching. You might want to look up something less drastic if you want the sounds to be recognizable.

Ha ha, sweet.

that’s kinda the point of paulstretch, making really big drones :)

AND for Linux??? YES, thanks for sharing.

I might be a noob but I kinda guess that the .tar file is for mac.
… but how do I install it?

I’m very curious.

Woooow Awesome program …voice trough vocoder …timestrech =instant ambient drones …mashup in renoise …
Thanks for posting

Just unrar the exe file to any directory …
For mac I don’t know

Uhh can someone guide me through installing this on Ubuntu? I tried to find some newbie guides to installing this but it just doesn’t help me at all. I tried installing checkinstall but it gives me an error about things missing or something…argh

Yes, it stretches up to 95 YEARS and 47 days! Finally I can complete my song!

Your song lasts that long? You need three generations of people to mix that one together…

So I’m guessing no-one hasn’t managed to get the Linux version compiled for Ubuntu? The windows version works fine under Wine, but of course I’d prefer using the native version since there is one…

at the present time I spotted the following dependencies :

sudo aptitude install libfftw3-dev fluid libfltk1.1-dev libvorbis-dev libaudiofile-dev libmad0-dev libportaudio-dev  

But I still have a few errors at compilation. Still investigating.

EDIT : I managed to compile it on my ArchLinux system, even though I had to patch a little glitch related to the latest GCC version - which Ubuntu doesn’t use yet.