Paypal Purchase -> Instant Registration?

So it has finally come to it and I am gonna register my version of Renoise this weekend. B) The FAQ tell that, as soon as a credit card payment has been successfully processed, registration details will be sent to me.

So, does PayPal work this fast as well? I would prefer a quick PayPal purchase since it’s faster than most other payment methods (except CC of course) but I would be able to draw the money directly from my bank account through PayPal rather than listening to my credit card whine and crying in agony… ;)

I don’t think they do paypal… but they get your reg to you pretty quick via email… just register before bed, when you wake up it’ll be christams all over again :lol:

They do, according to the FAQ. Ah, never mind, I guess my credit card can take it. :D

If you would still prefer Paypal I guess mailing taktik or pulsar would be the best strategy.

I think taktik is on vacation.

CC worked fine for me. I am now an officially registered Renoiser :drummer: :yeah: :D

Congrats!!! :yeah: