Pc Keyboard Polyphony

Why in renoise when i play more than 3 notes at once it wont trigger sound?

Is this a limitation of my pc keyboard, or a limitation of renoise? I know i am playing a synth with tons of poly, 16 notes. But I can only play 3 at a time with my pc keyboard.

Anyone know why?



The link doesnt work…

just google “Key jamming and ghosting”

In short:

  • modern (computer) keyboards sucks
  • you can buy gaming kayboard with anti-ghosting technology
  • price of that kind of keyboard is very close to simple midi keyboard (recommended)


Ahhhh foooey, now i have to use midi, man.

thanks for the help.

After many years of using comp keyboard i`ve switch to the musical keyboard and i never look back.

I need a midi interface and a keyboard, but i’m broke :(

Don’t need a midi interface. Look for a second hand USB midi controller, remember you get what you pay for.

After using the PC keyboard to jam since 1994 I’m still finding myself reaching for the PC keyboard from time to time … old habits :D

I got the Roland a500s, sucks, so much latency in computers, makes me hate using them. How can a workstation with VA stuff in it and seq work so seamlessly with no latency but yet macs and pcs have so much, so annoying.

There’s a great article about this in Renoise In:Depth:


In the comments are some recommended (read expensive) QWERTY keyboards.

I remember back in the day, probably around the late 90s there were some BTC PS/2 keyboards that could register a LOT of keys. My friends and I cherished them for those epic Star Control 2 melee 2-player sessions :)

Yeah the only M-Class IBM/Cherry keyboard, cheap and clunky but still famous for full n-key rollover.

Thought I read it couldn’t be done with USB and you actually need to use PS2 to get full n-key but I can’t understand why that would be the case…