Pc Keyboard Problem


I have a problem with my keyboard, for any VSTi when i press a key the sound/note continue playing even if i have unpressed the key.

This problem was on Renoise 1.5, so i decided to upgrade to 1.5.1, i just finish to install it and i have the same problem… What is wrong ? :blink:

PS: I have checked all configuration and all seem to be ok.
PS2: My keyboard work perfectly, i no have problem with other applications.

is this resident with all your vstis? or just one?
sounds like for some reason a noteoff isnt being sent after you let off the key.
theres quite a few free vstis that are not made properly, renoise doesnt work well with improperly made vstis.
does the keyboard input react the same with samples?

Yeah, only with vsti and with all vsti. I have checked with sample, no prob with it.

Nobody have an idea… ?

I have tested with only 1 vst loaded without and with demo version too… result: same problem :(

My soundcard is a SoundBlaster Live 5.1 Platinium, she have a repair tool (Creative Diagnostics) and he said all work perfectly:

Hardware Detection Pass
Wave Driver Pass
Midi Driver Pass
Mixer Driver Pass
DirectSound Driver Pass
DirectSound 3D Driver Pass
SoundFont Setting Pass
Mixer Settings Check Pass

I have also removed the lastest VSTi installed (since… 5 weeks i think) and this solution don’t work.

For resume, i haven’t used Renoise since ~1 month and there are 3 days ago i launch it and i discover this problem. During this month i don’t have made any modification about Windows, soundcard, drivers or another peripherical, just used my PC day after day.

… I see the next 26 Oct. that will the 2sd birthday of my Renoise EndUser Registration, and… except this problem I never had problems… Hooray! :yeah:


I finished to install Renoise 1.281 demo and ALL WORK SUCCESSFULLY!! :o

Dev team: What is wrong with Renoise 1.5 please !?

Have you maybe unchecked the “record NoteOffs” box in the Config / MIDI tab Properties?
This ignores (not really obviously) any NoteOffs - also those of the keyboard.