PDC test device with "report only" option

The PDC test device could be used inside a doofer to setup a a compensating PDC that is required by usage of fx that introduces a delay.

The device would require a “report only” mode for this, so introducing no delay itself.

For example: The haas panner doofer uses the multi tap delay device at 100% wet to setup delay based panning. Since the minimum value in the multi tap delay is 1ms, this is the introduced minimum delay of the doofer. Would be neat if you now could add the PDC test device with 1ms and “report only”, so renoise automatically compensates now using PDC.


here’sanother suggestion,

access to the faust device :stuck_out_tongue:

you have to take in mind, that the pdc test device, technically, doesn’t exist

aren’t there simple plugins for this? there have to be

But… the idea is very helpful to setup pdc inside a doofer… Since doors can be exchanged, a third party plugin wouldn’t be so helpful. The PDC device actually exists, it is only hidden.