Pdc With Native Plugsins?


I just put a send on three tracks and sent them all to the same send.

So far so good. Then I put a compressor on the send (I was attempting NY compression on my drums) and it caused mad phasing.

I am guessing this is because of a lack of plug in delay compensation…

I was aware of this for 3rd party vst gear, but I didnt realise it was a problem for the native renoise plugins too!

A bit lame. How am I supposed to set up proper sends if I can even stick a bloody effect on them once they are in place??

Anyone else experienced this?

(and no, I do not want to mute the source. That would negate the very reason I was setting up the sends in the first place.)

Yes, I’ve experienced it myself in the past, and yes, it kinda sucks. If it helps, you can think of the native FX simply as internal VST FX, since they are probably very similar at the basic level (I assume). The process of altering the sound in some way is the same whether it’s an internal/native effect or an external/VST effect… the sound still has to pass through some kind of buffer, be processed in some way, and possibly delayed at some point in the process depending on what is being done to the sound. So, it seems that PDC is really something very fundamental to the entire Renoise application, not just something which affects external VST plug-ins.


Compression always adds an amount of latency, with some plugins this is hardly noticeable, with others very. What I used to do when I arranged my rendered renoise tracks in cubase was to manually cut the silence before the sample. Time consuming yes, but sometimes an only way to get a tight result without pdc in renoise.

Its indeed a pity that we don’t have PDC yet, but don’t worry, we’ll take care of that in a future release.

If that somehow helps, here are the latencies that the internal FX introduce. All very tiny, but when feeding more than one send track this will of course still introduce phasing effects.

BusCompressor: 1ms
Compressor: 2ms
Gate2: 1ms

Well, I’m at work at the moment so I can’t totally confirm this theory, but…

If you also route the clean drums through a compressor with a ratio of 1:1 and a threshold of 0 dB, the audio itself should be unaffected by the compressor, but with the side effect of being delayed in the process. This delay should bring the clean drums back into sync/phase with the compressed drums, allowing them to be mixed back together again.

I’m pretty sure I’ve done this in past, but I honestly can’t remember how well it worked out. It’s worth a try though!


Or use the internal delay FX to compensate the delays instead of a kinda bypassed compressor. There are FX presets in the delay FX (“Static Delay Xms”) which show how to make it a compensation delay.

Yeah, I began my post before you’d posted the ms values :) Using a delay is definitely a simpler solution now that we know which values to use. I just figured using a clean compressor would give the exact amount of delay (down to the sample), to keep everything perfectly sync’d up, since even a difference of a few samples can be enough to disrupt things.


Cheers for the feedback lads.

This was a really disappointing discovery for me, to be honest. I love using all sorts of routing to get my signal pumping, and NY compression is one of my favourites… I was hoping that the internal effects would work perfectly with the actual program they come with (!), but they dont.

Absolutely no disrespect to taktik and the rest of the devs however. You are doing a wicked job and I do not regret my purchase in any way.

I am however, now a fully paid up member of the PDC please brigade, and will put a big fat +1 in any petition for this to be implemented asap.

Onwards and upwards!