Pdf Manual Renoise V2.1 + Comments


I converted the .HTML version to PDF version (standard) about Manual Renoise v2.1 :slight_smile: Before converting it, I fixed the .HTML version but I noticed there are a few bugs on pictures that are not displayed correctly ! (End of the manual : 7.3 Using a VST Instrument Alias through channelling + 9. Recording).

You could find the files on eMule:
Renoise 2.1-Manual.pdf
Renoise 2.1 (PDF Manual DOC converted by iNTERLuNe).rar

I have an idea concerning the printing of Manual Renoise 2 : Like me, will “Renoisers on PC” be interested to get a light version of manual Renoise v2.1 on PC in PDF version only ?

Furthermore, I would like to know if a French could translate the manual in .HTML or .PDF version please ?

Thank you & Greetings,


The lacking pictures inside the HTML package is probably before i updated the flaws.
The Jun 11th should be correct including the pictures that lacked in the previous package.
At least on Windows they show but Windows doesn’t really care about CASE naming convention -> if the file is there, it will be shown.
Mac and Linux are more keen on these matters.

Other languages are outside my league… The French page does not get many updates…
I could publish the passwords to edit the core pages but i have not many options to check what is getting posted there. I don’t personally desire a partial translation yet it does not look professional to let volunteers pick this up worldwide either. A dedicated translator will be rewarded for the work, but should then at least be able to translate an average of one page a day.

Investing into professional translators is too expensive. (not only to start it up, but to maintain all changes as well)

Perhaps it is better to drop the idea of international translations completely as foreign translations currently develop way too slow and several attempts up to now back up this theory regardless of knowing that there is or ain’t a financial reward for it.

I had scheduled to work on the PDF version next week (My holiday)

2.1 PDF manual is now online.
Also corrected the HTML version, there were indeed missing images on my local server.

Thanks Vincent.