.pdf of default keyboard shortcuts?

is there a .pdf of all the default keyboard shortcuts anywhere around?

i dont have a printer to print them from preferences. so far only know the main ones from the manual.

im interested in checking out the more obscure keyboard shortcuts and trying total keyboard control, with the list alongside on phone or tablet in .pdf format.

Do not all available commands appear in KeyBindings.xml? (in windows: C/Users/THE_USER/AppData/Roaming/Renoise/V3.1.1/KeyBindings.xml)

I have not checked thoroughly, but this list is not complete / updated?Can you locate a command that does not appear in the XML?I think the commands that do not appear are those of the tools. I understand that if you save a custom keyboard command, it will appear in the list as well.

Converting this list XML to PDF format for easy reading is not very complicated either.I have a copy in PDF (the same XML in PDF). But for some reason, in General Discussion it is not possible to attach files. If you want to send me a private one with an email and I will send you the PDF.

The print command in the preferences opens all your keyboard shortcuts in a browser, so you can simply save the file yourself or use a PDF printer or some office software to make one.

got the same Problem here:


Apple: file:///Users/to/Library/Preferences/Renoise/V3.1.1/KeyBindings.xml

Dont see, can read, all white

A Renoise-Shortcuts.pdf would be nice

use the Shortcuts from here, but think its for a older Renoise Version


Thanks. I have the .pdf

How do I make an attachment?

Thanks. I have the .pdf

How do I make an attachment?

Everyone’s bindings are likely to be a little different, so there’s probably not much point in publishing anything “official” ?


Dont see, can read, all white

When viewing the “KeyBindings.xml” file in certain browsers like Chrome, they do not load the associated “KeyBindings.xslt” stylesheet due to security issues accessing files from the local file system, but other browsers like Firefox (and Internet Explorer, haha) can display it no problem.

To get around this problem you can temporarily upload the files to a web server, or if you have a Dropbox account you can put them in a public/shared location, and then your web browser should display it quite happily since the stylesheet is being loaded from a real server.

Alternatively, close all instances of Chrome, and then launch the app with the following command line option:

/some/path/to/Chrome --allow-file-access-from-files

This will temporarily allow it to bypass the security issues with loading the stylesheet locally.

More tips here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18586921/how-to-launch-html-using-chrome-at-allow-file-access-from-files-mode

Hello dblue,

Thnx a lot for your detailed suggestions and Sry for my Delay

Try it with my second Browser Firefox ESL, open KeyBindings.xslt but see SourceCode and on the Top the Message:

There are apparently no style information associated with this XML file. The tree view of the document is displayed below.
Dropbox (very good Tip ) can sadly show me a preview with KeyBindings.xslt
Don’t want installed absolutely Crome, don’t like Google, try it to build a second cheap Windows XP Desktop Pc with and for my old Hardware, miss some things on Apple and Laptopsize, hope can open the Renoise-Shortcuts their

Try it with my second Browser Firefox ESL, open KeyBindings.xslt

You need to open the file named KeyBindings.xml (ending with .xml, not .xslt).

Thnx again danoise !!!

i got it.

Open Renoise - go to Help - Show the Reference Folder - (Finder is opening) move Cursor to: KeyBindings.xml - open with Firefox (or Chrome)

Wrong: (me)
Open Finder - search Keybindings - find nothing
Open Finder - try to open Folder /Users/to/Library/Preferences/Renoise/V3.1.1 ( Users/to/ Library/Preferences/Renoise/V3.1.1 don’t exist here, is invisible or a Result of my Renoise Instalation “Skills” :smashed: )
Open Finder - Programms - Show package contents - Contents - Resources - Stylesheets - Keybindings.xslt (the Keybindings.xlm file not exist here + I can not read the right ending / have Tomatoes in the eyes :smashed: )


Users/to/ Library/Preferences/Renoise/V3.1. (Exist, its only in Apple Finder invisible)