Pedophilia in the IRC channel

some of the screen names i saw in there were very illegal, there’s no grey area. civilians do not have government authority to run a cp trap on mibbit.

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What are you talking about?also how could a name be illegal?

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Also you don’t need to look on the irc channel for paedophiles,there is a convicted one right here on the forums, user weyheyhey for example.

What are you talking about BatBoy? Our chan is moderated. Are you talkiing about our IRC chan? irc:Espernet Chan:#renoise?

This reminds of the Kjaerhus audio developer who made some fantastic plugins , both freeware and payware .
He was the administrator of this huge pedo network .

As far as ‘‘names’’ being illegal, and this is not meaning I dont agree with a zero tollerance on pedophilia but this is a WHOLE other beast eh, I dont see ANY names on this channel or ever have of ANY unlawful names. And I would like to know, where is there a law against a name? IRC nicks are often random and madeup alias’s… they can get personal or random and impersonal to humorous (as per said users definiton of that humor) and even stright up offending (usually as a troll) but not on this chan. Half the time I cant get a good convo going anymore on our IRC (bummer really, even trhe forums have settled in traffic =( I cry



there’s illegal, and then there’s such a fuck up within the music industry that people could get killed over type of illegal?

What a weird discussion is this? What nicknames are wrong? Could you enlighten me? There is a pedophillia network in renoise irc?? Do you actually mean the discord channel? There are barely people active in the old #renoise irc…

Ok just seems to be a troll…