[Pending] KP3 Duplex Support

Hello everyone!
this is my first post and it is about duplex because I think it is one of the best tools avaiable for renoise.
I’m a beginner with renoise, not a noob but surely not a guru…
I own a kp3 and I use it often as a controller midi witch wich I can control 8 tracks like a mixer, and 8 sample pads (on-off signal). Then the rest is very useful to control some effects and other stuff.
I do all that with midi map, but I wander if there is a way to use the kp3 with duplex.

Can you give me a tip?

thanks and sorry for bad english!

Yes, you certainly can. BUT, someone/you has to program a duplex device for it.
I don’t know if it can sense the parameters of Renoise (e.g. track volume 1 is -10db and sets the KP3 to that value)

Sure, this seems to be possible. Most times, a MIDI device is more or less plug-and-play as long as you know the messages being sent back and forth.
However, I just checked, and the KP3 manual seems to refer to some mysterious “EXT CTRL” mode, a prerequisite for Duplex-style bi-directional communication.
But the actual details are located in a document that is provided with the CD?

So, if you could dig out that document and provide a link, we might be able to help you :slight_smile:

Here it is!
This is everything I found on the cd-rom that is some-how related to kp3 midi…you can find them following the sendspace link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/xcma8f

I attach here the pdf manual


I read it and it seems to be a basic introduction to what the editor is capable of - you can change whether a pad sends CC or note messages, etc.

What isn’t really clear to me is how it responds to messages - so, I would suggest connecting the controller, open Renoise and start Duplex.
Then enable the “Dump MIDI to console” option in the Duplex menu and you should be able to tell which messages the device is sending*
As a next step, we could then try to build a simple pure-data patch that would send messages back to the kaosspad, and hopefully, see a response.

  • If your controller has been set to a custom setting, perhaps it would be better to revert to factory settings before you check those messages.
    If anyone else is going to use this configuration, they would need the same kind of layout as you are using…

PS - zonachirenoise: I’d like to split this kp3 support into a dedicated topic of it’s own, if that’s OK with you?

Ok, i will do this as soon as possible!
I hope that this will be helpful to other persons.

And, of course, no problem for opening a new topic dedicated to the kp3 support!

Thank you very much

I’m sorry but I need some help…i’m a total noob with scripting and programming. When I enable the “dump MIDI” option, what should I do?
I mean: I connected the KP3, I see that he’s sending messages to Renoise (and in fact if I choose “midi mapping” from the options menu I actually see parameters changing and I can map some midi control). But now what should I do with duplex?
And maybe should I enable the renoise scripting console? obviously I don’t know how to do that…


Basically, the console window will print any the MIDI messages being received.
So, ideally you could report to us what happened with each part of the kp3:

“I turn this knob and now the console prints 0x90 0x20 0x00,
I press this part of the pad and how it prints …”

As the next step, I then suggested to build a puredata patch for you, that would send similar message the other way, but allowing you to change the values as you please.
The puredata patch would be able to confirm exactly which messages are valid, what their range is, etc.

It’s explained here: http://code.google.com/p/xrnx/

Ok, i’m trying to do that but…the problem is that the kp3 midi filter is completely editable so every parameter can be changed: a key can send CC, Note, program change system ex…Beside that, there are 7 pattern that can be choosed for the touch pad, that gives different ways to control the midi data of it. And obviously there is the clock.
Ok I restored the standard settings, but is this useful? I then I change some midi message sent from the kp3, everything change!

Maybe it would be useful and easy if I send you a copy of the KP3 editor, wich allows to estabilish all the parameters of this machine - also midi data? Let me know!
Anyway, if you want I can try to dump all the midi data to the scripting console.


up ;)

OK, so I DL’ed the editor and it seems fine excerpt for one thing: the central touchpad is interpreted technically as a series of sliders.
I would have thought it was possible to make it act as a grid of buttons, but apparently this is a limitation of the external control mode.

But, nevertheless I made a layout for the Kaosspad, in which you’ll (hopefully!) be able to control a number of things.

  • Mixer : control master volume, volume level and mute state for tracks
  • Transport: basic play, stop, loop and edit mode.
  • XYPad, for automapping the xy-pad device in Renoise.

Note: I’m not entirely sure what to do with a couple of controls - the dial in the uppermost left corner. BPM, perhaps?
And the button to the right is a placeholder, as the touchpad can transmit a message when the touchpad is touched.
(it would seems like a perfect match for the Repeater application, being able to sense when the finger is released,
but I need to make a few modifications to that application first).

Just download the file, and extract it inside the “Duplex/Controllers” folder (you can reveal the tool folder from within the Tool Browser in Renoise by right-clicking)
The layout comes with a preset for the KP, which I saved from the editor, located in the “KaossPad3/Preset” folder. I hope it’s the right version I was using?

Wow, that’s great!
So…I’ve downloaded your file and unzipped in the right directory, now I see it in the Duplex menu. The first problem is that when I try to start it I get these messages (sometimes the first one):

and the same when i check “run” in the duplex windows.

Anyway, I’m preparing a picture with controls so we can better talk about controllers


Hey, sorry about the late reply - been offline for a week

Sounds like you have unpacked the files without the folder structure - I just checked, the zipped files are fine and have an intact folder structure

Can you confirm that the folder “Duplex/Controllers/ KaossPad3/Controlmaps/” exist and that it contains a file named “Kaosspad3.xml” ?

i’m late too: i’m writing my PhD thesis so i’m a little busy! Sorry

Yes, that folder exists and there is the Kaosspad3.xml file!

Hi zonachi,

Hm, strange. I assumed it was working since I didn’t hear anything.
Are you sure you have unpacked the files with their hierarchy intact?

On my studio machine (WinXP), the layout is working. Will check with another machine tonight.


yes I tried a lot but nothing changes: the hierarchy is correct.
I’m sorry…i’m a noob at this and I can’t understand better what doesn’t work :unsure:

i have kind of the same issue:
Running renoise 3.1 and Duplex 1.0 the api5 Version.
Machines both are Win XP.(desktop and notebook pc)
Everything I tried led to “failed to load controlmap” stuff when I try to start a Duplex Controller.
Works fine with renoise 3.01 and Duplex on api4.
So I guess it’s got to do with the API.
i am not that good on coding.but what I found out is that “iO.exists()” always returns “false” even if I let it proof a file in actual Directory.
Maybe this is a Problem with utf8 String encoding?
So I guess things get stuck in controlMap.lua
when running thru possible directories.
Would be very pleased if theres a known sollution

Thanks for the detective work :slight_smile:

Maybe this is a Problem with utf8 String encoding?

This indeed got changed in Renoise 3.1- actually, to_support_special characters.

I created an issue on github. Will look into it ASAP.

Hey all. I can’t find these mappings. What’s the status of this?