[pending] Problems with BowEcho VST (sound stops too early)

I just noticed this one. Doesn’t seem to happen when the plugs are in normal mode.

Edit: To clarify, I am most definitely turning “Auto suspend plugin when silent” OFF.


not sure I get it. Could you explain this a bit more in-depth?

I’ve been running some VST effects in Renoise using sandboxed mode (A few delays, pitchshifters etc). It seems that, for example, if I run a kick drum through a delay VST, it ends up halting abruptly when the incoming sound stops.

Here’s experimental evidence:

Example 1: (sandboxing disabled, auto-suspend turned off):

Example 1: (sandboxing enabled, auto-suspend turned off. Same snare/preset/pattern):

Plugin used:

Distro: Ubuntu Studio 13.10

Hope this helps!


That’s a a bug in bowecho. It reports that it does not produce any “tail”, does not produce any audible sound when it got no input. It obviously does as a delay effect.

I’ll report this to the ineardisplay devs with a few more details.

Apart from this, sandboxed plugins indeed sometimes do not pick up customized “Can Auto-Suspend” options correctly. Will take care of this too…

I don’t mean to nag, but I seem to recall also getting this problem with glitch. I will test as soon as I possibly can.

I suspect it falls into this category of Taktik’s answer:

Apologies. Looking at this from a phone and disregarded it as a signature :P

Is this btw also causing the pluginservers remain running after Renoise has been closed down?
(I noticed when i already had Renoise closed down, the taskmanager showed several instances of the pluginserver still running of most likely various previous sessions)