People Who Watch Big Brother (uk) Are Sad


Actually, I would imagine that people who’ve watched the current Celebrity Big Brother series must end up quite a bit happier after watching the characters in there, safe in the knowledge that some of the contestants will probably end up being among the most hated people of today.

p.s. that artificial leg seems awfully familiar, are you from Robin Hood territory?

Obvioulsy living outside the UK I have missed out on the media circus to an extent.

I did accidentally stumble over it online and was enraged by the attitudes towards the Indian bird. Possibly not race related, but very excluding and childish.

Still, it makes good TV and means for millions of internet discussions (like this one here!) so it serves a purpose.

I wouldnt say the people who watch it are ‘Sad’ though. We all have a voyeuristic side (which is why I spend my evenings hanging around train stations looking at women in skirts. hoho)

Haha. Train Man…

(I think you might be referring to something called ‘Chikan’ which is defo not me!)

Well, it’s now blurted all over the tabloids, covering pages 1-7 on most of them. As if there’s nothing else to worry about.
We’ll all be sick to the teeth of it by the end of this week. India are burning effigies of Jade which was all a bit extreme considering it’s basically a few arguments between 2 people, and a few poorly chosen words by the not-so eloquent Jade. A lot of India obviously idolises Shilpa, which is probably why they reacted the way they did, but as usual the bloodthirsty media are stirring up the shit, making it worse and going for the throats.

There are a lot of true stories that sound pretty amazing.

Ah, I got it now.

Haha. I am regularly saving women from pervs on the train (then obviously I try to chat them up afterwards, which is arguabley worse. Hoho)