Peoples Remix Competition 167

The People’s Remix Competition 167

Hello everyone and welcome to the People’s Remix Competition!

Last round wasn’t one of the rounds which will be remembered. No songs appeared before the first deadline and then I decided to do a remix. It appears to be the only one. It brought me the first victory, and another last place wooden spoon.
I hope my selection is interesting, and many of you enter the contest.

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PRC Classic of the two weeks
This time I picked a very recent PRC, even one of this season. In round 159 the source was the intro theme from Mega Man 7, selected by PRC158 winner Showroom Dummy.
Three remixers entered the contest: Divinewrath, DjMokram and JerryTerry. After voting, 57 points where given and number two DjMokram received 1/3 of them (19).
It was a very close round, because the winner only received two points more as the number last. JerryTerry was close, but the victory was for Divinewrath. His song was called Streamrolled in 20XX.
More information can be found at CompoThaSauce.

This rounds source
This round, I selected the source myself.

Mega Man X2 (SNES) - X Hunter Stage 1+2

YouTube link
Wikipedia Information
Time Attack Movie
More MIDI @Vgmusic

Mega Man X2 is a very popular game, still there aren’t many remixes at Ocremix. I played (and completed) the game myself, but that’s a long time ago.
It was one of the first songs I tried to `remix’. Not many other Remixers decided to make a remix of it.

This round starts earlier again like last round, hope this results in more songs.

Fine Print:
PRC instructions

The winner of the previous contest can’t take part, but he/she can enter a Bonus Mix and she/he has a vote that counts twice.

Doulifee’s PRC Archives! For information about the previous contests.