Per Channel Output

I started using Renoise in the last couple of months and decided to buy a licence because I was so impressed with it. I am currently running it on linux, using it in conjunction with Hydrogen and Ardour to make songs, it’s everything I need. However, I was wondering if there is a way to do per-channel outputs, like in hydrogen?

I’m not familiar with hydrogen, what do you mean with per channel output? You can already set different outputs for each track depending on available outputs of your soundcard or do you mean something else?

I suppose it’s different on Linux, basically everything gets routed to a program called JACK, which then routes it to the soundcard. What I can do in hydrogen is have a different output for each channel (each instrument) and then I can link each one to Ardour to record them in to their own tracks all in realtime. I found a way to do it in Renoise but it’s a bit hacky. I just give the audio system say 10 outputs, then assign each track a different one of those outputs and then route it to a channel in Ardour for recording. It would be nice if we could get proper per-channel outputs though which are labelled with their channel names.

from the wiki:

Jack indeed.

By the way, there’s a special faq for linux, have you already read through it? ( )