Perception Of Time

Today I opened a .rns song and I said to myself: Damn, this song is so slow! Why did I make it so slow?

And then I listened to some other (not mine) songs and they were all slow. They are all slow. I can hear every quick element of percussion and such. Every detail and such.

It’s crazy! :lol:

It also happened to me sometimes with the visual perception.

Now how and why such perception occurs? I want to know if anyone got into this thing.

It’s probably relevant if I say that I’m still a bit drunk from last night when I was very drunk. But this happened also in other circumstances and it did not happen always when I was drunk, so it can’t be just this. Maybe a particular kind of wine?
I know weed did this to me too, a few times.

My guess is that it could also be connected to the brain temperature/blood flow, but even if it is that’s probably just one component.

hmm, actually i think it might have more to do with your perception of the style of musics you were making/listening to, than anything else. that is if it is along the dnb/breakcore an friends genre.
music along the style of breakcore…etc, really shows its date after awhile. me being somewhat of an outsider of that genre of music, kinda gives me an insight to it. the direction most of those styles are going is toward really fast lots of quick micro edits. eventually turning into non-discernable rumbling micro-cut noise.
so while me and you might hear it as a intricate lattice of edits, to others its just a bunch of cachophony.
i know what you mean, when i first discovered n.american-nuskool-ragga-jungle, it had me driving my car @ 90mph regularly.
the whole time completely alert & in control, making sure not to kill someone an on the prowl for fuzz. :D
then when i listened to some oldschool, i wouldnt get the rush at all.

i do remember hearing something about dnb. (when it was still considered too-fast)
being good for ppl because it increases their heart rates, in turn getting more oxygen go to their brains.

let’s have a scenario with song A, song B, and song C

Song A = 200BPM

Song B = 150BPM

Song C = 100BPM

If you listen to Song A, and then listen to song B immediately afterwards, song B will sound slow

but if you listen to song C, and then song B afterwards, it will seem fast.

Yeah it happens to me too. One day I´m convinced I made a song to slow the other day without changing it, it sounded fast.

I think one thing that can impact it is what you have listened to previously. If you listened to a lot of fast music the songs will apear slower or if you listened to a lot of slow music it will apear faster.
I also think it has to do with what mood you are in. If you are kind of relaxed it will feel faster but if you are stressed it will feel slower…

yeah faster music definately speeds up your perception of everything else, but I think theres more to it than that, something physical is involved. I used to ride a pushbike to work and time the ride every day to see how well I was progressing in fitness, and one day decided to start listening to music while riding - I chose some old style rave hardcore that day - and decreased the time by about 5 minutes (from a record of 30 down to 25) and I didnt feel like I was pushing myself particularly hard. Intrigued, I tested this idea out quite thoroughly in different conditions and with differing mental awareness levels and faster music consistently decreased my total trip time; the slower the music the less it was affected.

new doping?? :blink:

I’m sure there’s more to do with this than what you’ve heard previously. I too have experienced this, and in fact seek it out because it’s a wonderous time to record vocals or guitar improv.

Btw, I don’t do drugs. I believe it’s more to do with subtle mental states achieved through life practice, meditation or pure chance. These slow momenta can have a deep positive effect - you see everything clearly, all energy flows through everything like a river of glistening. All detail is yours to hold in absolute simplicity.

Unfortunately, these moments usually only last about half an hour at the moment. But they sure are amazing.

ever tried using one of those ‘brainwave-thingies’ to achieve those states?

Im having the same shit man, however i dont think im so influenced on what i listened to before as i tend to think i have a pretty stable mindbpm, meaning even tho i my perception is f****ed i can still sense and understand whats right compared to the original.

However if i’ve been up all night and listen to the same shit i’ve made the day before it somewhat seems faster than what i thought it was. Same goes with making tunes when im wired out; except the other way around. Guess the perception of time is somewhat chained to the ability to sense it :P

I dont know how many of you who’s actually been stoned(i would estimate around 94%) but the perception of 10 minutes can be a weekly event if u toked enough.

I know exactly what you’re talking about ermi. Now and then I get these moments too where everything sounds slow, looks slow and feels slow. It has nothing to do with how fast the music is, or traveling fast… I guess it has the same feel to it as a very long deja vu experience or as if you had a slight “bullet time” effect added to you life :) It’s weird really but I suppose medically it has something to do with how the nerve impulses are received.

Just like Foo? I’m not on drugs :) but unlike Foo? I find this mental state very frustrating.

Yeah, it’s definitely more than the slow/fast music I listened to before.

I was in a particular mind state all the time, the slow music perception was just one funny event.

It was more of a good than a bad feeling, even tho I felt all the bad effects of the hangover.

I’m aware of the process of being stoned and I can see how what I’m talking about could be confused with that, as they a similar. Though, the state of flow achieved without drugs is much richer, more controlled experience. Achieving that state comes without the hinderance of drugs. Pot causes muddling. Alcohol causes memory loss (if not worse). Both are used as crutches in avoiding effort and better understanding yourself, which is a hard scary task.

Outside of any given efforts and evolutions you’ll just stumble upon those moments. Take 'em or leave 'em. Again, I find their existence pretty beautiful.

To say that this is all neuro-chemical where x is causes by neurological y, then I would counter that in saying that’s a very small part of what’s going on with you. But to bring up the rest of the picture I risk initiating a debate about metaphysics… etc…

I see what you’re saying and I agree with that.

There’s another funny experience, which makes me wonder about things: telepathy.
To me, telepathy is as real as the keyboard I’m typing on. Actually some claim it’s a scientifically proven fact. (Wikipedia…)

I guess it’s difficult in such experiences to draw a line between chemical and metaphysical causes considering the fact that there are still some -to us- unknown/poorly known physical elements.