Perfect Sync With Other Pc?

In the studio we have 3 pc the left one with renoise the right one with fruityloops and the center with cubase and with a lot of hardware… (see on the pic)
my problem:
when we sync renoise and fruity, every time the pattern beggins it’s unsync on one beat and after it works well but it s the same on every beggining of the patterns of the song… it s impossible to work like this because we have to render and mix on cubase every time :(
how can i solve this problem??? i m fed up with the "b-boom boom boom boom "

and it s repercuted on all the beatboxes and synth of the chain

is there a better way to plug all this shit or it s just a software problem?

at the moment there is no solution on this… (meaning other than using midi) Been bouncing with this stuff myself too :confused:

btw. the prob can be in so many places its really hard to say remotely what would be the cause. :(

yes… that s true… it s hard but i was wondering that the problem should be removed from a prametter in fruity or renoise… even if nothing is plugged (only 2 computers) the problem is here. and what i really don t understand is that this error is repercuted also on the beatboxes hardware… the clock should stay linear isn t it?

hmm… some questions arise to my mind.

-Have you checked the midi’s overall stability?

for instance if you play back a looped bar filled with 64th notes playing the same note with a saw wave sound, is the sound constant BRR kind of never ending loop? or does it have glitches? The sound you use to test this should be an initial patch that has attack0, decay0, sustain 127 and release0 so you can best hear if there are any lags.

If this test succeeds on all computers and you don’t hear any change in the sound then the problem is not in your midi hardware or you don’t need to hassle with pci settings etc. Actually this is the most important test to do… (usually after this is done the tracing of the problem gets a lot easier)

edit: and rememeber you need to loop the bar for at least 1-2 minutes at a time when you test this to make sure there really are no midi drop outs in your system.

-Are there more than 3 machines connected behind one wire?

-Does the problem occur allways, or is there more midi data sent to hardware when it happens?

yes so after test… the delay occurs everytime on line 00
if the pattern in 512 long or 32 it’s the same problem… the line 00…
when there’s no sound played (empty pattern playing) it s the same problem: little delay but when i unsync renoise and fruity, it works perfectly…
yes there are more than 3 machines…
Maybe the problem comes from fruity loops on the other pc? (my friend uses it i really don t know anything about it but he tried to set all the parametters and no result)
Does a midi incompatibility can exist between 2 computers? 2 soundcards?

I dug into this problem myself for some reasons (linking live and renoise, linking sonar and renoise, linking 2 computers etc.), and midi-sync and renoise just don’t really work at this moment, and it doesnt matter what you sync to what. I wrote taktik a big report about this some time ago and hope some things will change, but at the moment …

one of the easiest way to make midi-sync go berserk is to use groove settings because then renoise sends a sync signal that is constantly jumping around on the timeline.

the forum is also cluttered with a few topics dealing with this matter, the point is : it seems not to be really working.

I am however surprised that you have only that small problem with fruity loops, I had major problems here with all others applications I tried out… fact is I think we will have to wait until this topic is getting some major attention from taktik, but I am afraid this can take a while. :(