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I’m running the demo on a MacBook Pro 2017 under Mohave OS. It’s brand new and I’ve run Renoise in the past on cheaper Windows laptops but in this case it’s running very laggy, graphically.

Why is it the case? Is it a demo restriction or is it because MacBooks don’t have good video cards? I’m interested in purchasing the software but I not if the hardware can’t meet the same software specs.

Also It’s disappointing to see Midi export isn’t included without a third party tool.

Noticed earlier threads, seems like all mac users are stuck with the same problem.

Without having read any of the thread issues, what do you mean by laggy? I used Renoise on a 2012 Mac Mini and now a 2018 Mac Mini. No graphics issues whatsoever. That being said, my compositional style tends to use as little VST/AU plugins as possible. Is that where your issue is? Just curious is all.

I adjusted the framerate, the CPU settings usual preferences. Nothing helps. The program is slow and laggy on a machine that is supposed to be cutting edge but other forum users have said that the Mohave OS has changed something about the graphics rendering so I guess I can wait for Catalina to come out or the next version of Renoise.

Well, shoot! If what I am experiencing is slow (and it seems, to me, to be lighting fast…), Catalina sounds great to me. Sorry it’s not working out for 'ya. I never did get an answer as to whether or not you’re using Audio Units or VSTs. How is Renoise running using only native devices? I will say, some Audio Units I have (++pvocloop, for example) take up anywhere from 10% - 14% of my CPU. It actually prevents me from using it, due to worry about whether or not Renoise is gonna crash or hang. In the meantime, I use the 0E00 and 0G00 commands to handle looping now. Doesn’t sound the same to me - maybe I’m just being fussy, though.

I am really curious to see how Catalina turns out. Something I’ve been reading is that eventually, for those that make their iPad apps applicable, we can use all sorts of iPad apps to make music too. Holy moly.

I’ve only been demoing the app, using the demo songs and demo stock instruments. You’re on a Mac Mini but I’m on a MacBook. Actually other softwares (Reason) are also laggy on this machine. Thanks Tim Cook for letting us down once again.

I’ve encountered same issue, and it’s responded many times on forum here.
Enable lower resolution for the renoise, and laggy behaviour should be gone!
I’m on macbook too


Thank you! This solved the problem on my 2018 MBP I just installed Renoise on. A couple observations from my experience:

  • Running Renoise in a window did not show any lag.
  • Running it full-screen did, and it continued being laggy after exiting full-screen display until quitting and re-launching.
  • A 2018 Mac mini (basic graphics only–no fancy GPU) driving a 2560 x 1440 display has zero lag running Renoise full-screen.

Besides lowering the framerate I can’t find a menu option to make the app run low res.

right-click on the renoise icon
and check that box

(before making posts, make sure that there is no same question asked over and over again - which is the case)

  • And welcome!

Apple seem to have changed the OS driven upscaling (scaling up a 1080p app to retina), so it is now even much more slower than in older macos versions (and there it also already was slow), only using CPU or so (modern oses highly lack of optimization).

Here is an interesting read from Urs/UHe. He surely knows what he is talking about:

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Finder / Applications folder / right click the app / low res little checkbox

Got it going nice and responsively now. I’ll do the same for my other DAWs. As you might have guessed it’s a new machine and I’m a bit clueless about MacOS, I know IOS quite a bit. Well since the performance is awesome now I can follow through and finally purchase this!

Still would like Midi export to be a natively supported feature.

Thank you for the help all!

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