Performing Live With Renoise

Greetings fellow Renoise’rs,

I’m interested to hear if any of you have performed live with Renoise? If so, can you give me an idea of how you accomplished it? Especially if you’re dealing with several tracks.


i played a show using this method, and used pre-rendered transitions while the next song was loading. best to you!

interesting! i’ll have to play around with this ‘hidden feature’. thanks for you help! :)

i also gotta try using that hidden feature.and maybe it would be worth it for the devs to work on that for a "full"feature :dribble:

Playing live is not just a matter of renoise, but also other equipment you’d use along. Your soundcard and gears highly affect your live performance. Totally the most important thing is latency. Keep it as low as possible and you’d enjoy using renoise live.

Check out this thread, lots of people explaining their live sets using Renoise…ic=9971&hl=

Edit: wasn’t that hidden “playlist” feature actually removed from more recent versions?

Can somebody help me out with this. How do i load playlist? or is this feature removed?
do i need to register?
this would be dope! :yeah:

noticed a bug while playing with this playlist feature :D
When you tried to load PlayList.txt, obviously, it loads it as instrument.
Loop this small snap sound with forward to get chip sound.
test your hearing / speakers by pitching root note as high as c-1.
note D is playing wrong, couple octaves below.


my memory is unclear, though i believe i did this in either 1.8 or 1.9 beta

just tested and it is no longer working :o

why remove a useful feature? we know it’s a workaround, but it’s not useless

Performing with ableton, I usually leave no gaps between tracks, just mixing everything together. I feel this gives the audience no time to clap or respond or make any sort of decision. Being forced to have a moment of downtime between tracks gives them some time to think about what just happened. All a matter of preference I suppose.

I’ve been using game controllers to perform live:…controllers-pt1

I haven’t performed live yet, but a setup I was discussing in another thread would prove helpful, if you were using Renoise with an external hardware sequencer like the Alesis MMT8 and hardware synths.

Hooked up like this:

MMT8: out to Renoise, in from your master keyboard. Make sure the MMt8 is set to “Midi echo”
PC: out to your master keyboard, in from the MMT8. Make sure to run MIDIox in the background.
Master Keyboard: Midi thru to the rest of your equipment.

Have the MMt8 play your hardware synths, and Renoise do only samples and soft synths. There are no latency issues since none of the samples and soft synths are triggered through MIDI. The only latency is a slight delay in the first bar of the song, but it eventually catches up after a second and stays in sync.

You can also use MIDIox to send any patches and sysex setups to your hardware and sequencer as well.

last friday i tried to play my live act with 2 instances of renoise. but my memory has been fully overloaded, so the second track i started to play wasn’t recognisable anymore… that sucked! so i changed to virtual dj again… i think i need more memory to use renoise while playing live :(