Permafrost's Music

Hey fellow renoisers!

I finally found my way to this forum as well. I have been using Renoise since a long time but just compose music in my spare time. My music can probably best described as a mix of electronic, some ambient, soundtrack and the use of real percussion/drums. Here I’ll post some of the pieces I made and/or I am particularly proud of. I did not have any “real” education in music, just some basic stuff in secondary school and that’s why you may hear some weird stuff. :rolleyes: The music I create is done in a way that I would want to listen to it too; one could say I only make the music for myself since I do not spread or advertise it anywhere. Enough of the talk and more of the music: here the album “North” which I finished up at the end of 2013 (the bandcamp integration doesn’t seem to work anymore so I have to post the whole album sorry!).
Please let me know what you think of it, feedback is much appreciated! :D

recommended tracks: Above the Peaks, Taiga, Northern Shores

Very nice. I’ve been thinking about mic’ing my own drumkit too.

The only way to make music is to make the music you want to listen to. Keep it up!

nice style you have
natural drive and floating atmosphere
select sounds, consistent but at the same time diversified
never tiring to listen to
very nice

Hey Permafrost,

I like your stuff, it’s very good song and fine atmosphere. I wait the next chapter :walkman:/>

Wooo, thanks for all the positive feedback guys! :lol: Really appreciate it, this will surely give me a motivation boost for new stuff.^^

btw. I am currently also working on a Skyrim mod which will lead the player to the moon Secunda and I am making the music for this mod. Our main theme is of course the original song “secunda” but just redone by me (look further down in the post). We decided to add a sci-fi touch because the moon is in space and the whole mod is a bit sci-fi themed. The challenging part is that the music is more orchestral and not the style I usually do. It is still very much at the beginning of development (writing quest lines and such things).

How do you do that integration for soundcloud? I didnt get that to work :confused:

Kinda forgot about the Forum sadly (shame on me…). I did some sampling on some pop songs I liked from James Blunt and from Ed Sheeran. I called the whole thing just the Random Sampling Series.
I uploaded these and forgot about it. Some weeks later I checked on them and it totally blew up with views and downloads (the max100 dl’s got reached way too quickly). I was positively surprised that I got such a huge reception on this (although no comments) because it’s something that is completely out of my usual style. That doesn’t mean I will stop doing my other stuff though.

James Blunt - Postcards

Ed Sheeran - I See Fire

James Blunt - Carry Me Home

Hell yea, that kit sounds fantastic. I’m digging this. Keep it up!

The twinkling sounds dazzle.