Pettinhouse Group-buy

Hi guys.

Just letting you know about this great deal…

Pettinhouse is having a group-buy of with 3 bundles of his awesome libraries, the DirectGuitar, the WarmJazz Guitar and the DirectBass. With all 3 bundles he has included his Vinyl Drumkits Library for free. After 70 people have signed up the price will be reduced by 70%!

Check it out here:

In case you didn’t know Pettinhouse delivered a light version of his DirectGuitar to the Kontakt 3 Factory Library.


Ok, then I suggest that you wait to buy this till 70 people have signed up ;) or not buying it at all, which probably also will make them lower the price eventually. the reason why they have such an offer is probably because no one will otherwise buy it ;) (btw, have you read forum rule no. 4)

there is an enitre group buy advertising thread, so there is no rule breaking by metal, which could anyway have attached his post to the thread ) :)

That involves spam like “Buy my penis enlargement pills for nearly nothing”.
Group buys or extreme bargain sales are usually time limited which can make this interesting for a lot of folks.
As long as the subject of these group-buys belong in our “district”, we permit them being posted.
But better post them in the off-topic next time.

ok, i thought it was advertisment in general, my bad then, sorry.