Phase Shift

Genre : Electronica (with industrial feel)
Composer : AcidSphinx (aka. Feeder74)
License : Creative Commons - free for non-profit use - feel free to smash it up any way you like, so long as any derived works carry the above condition(non-profit). May also be used for charity fund-raising.
Link : Original Posted link @ RapidShare
Latest Link : Current Version @ AcidPlanet
File Format : OGG
Size : 17 MB
BPM : 75 - though renoise insists it is 150…
Duration : 4:17

So I don’t really know what I’m doing (zomg what have I done!), this is the 2nd tune I’ve posted on these forums, and about the 8th that I’ve actually composed. The few people who have heard what I have done said they liked my work, not sure if they are for real, or just strobing my ego, but for the small chance that I actually have some talent, I thought I would post it for the general community.

Constructive comments (even criticism) welcome, though put me to far under the 8-ball and, well I guess I’ll be all shy!

Really like Renoise, still have not seen V2, this tune was made using 2 plugins, Z3ta+ (commercial) and Drumatic 3, which kind of piggy backed it’s way onto my system through Mad Tracker, do hope it is legally free, tbh - haven’t checked!

[Edit] After some criticism, I tried to address some of the original posts problems.

  • Drumatic 3 is now compleatly out of the current version of this song, and I have used proper samples to produce much nicer beats.
  • Reverb has been solidly knocked on the head, hardly any in the composition anymore, save the cathedral preset on one instrument only
  • AcidPlanet file host is now in use to make for easier listening.
  • Extra routines to add more meat.
  • Added a snare to make beat more interesting.
  • A lot of other tweaks.

Sure it can still prolly do with some more work, but I thought I would at least try and rectify the problems pointed out by the initial reply.

You don’t make downloading your songs easy. First rapidshare (yuck) and then compressed file. :)

I was listening to the song and waiting when the intro ends and good kick and bass comes in. But it never did. So in my opinion this song is just very long intro. :) You need to add more meat to your music. :D

Also using reverb on kick is not that good idea unless you are going for that particular sound, but using that particular sound as a kick is not very good idea aswell. :)

I attacked it with an axe!

Link : Rapid Share
Size : 9359 KB
Duration : 2:13

Link : Rapid Share
Alt Link : AcidPlanet[2nd Edit] A slightly mixed variant of the Rapid Share link which goes for a bit longer and is more balanced.
Size : 15,095,592 bytes
Duration : 3:20

Can you recomend an alternate, free method of distribution of the file? [EDIT] I found the sticky at the top of this forum - nvm <_<

Yeah, so true that it hurt…

I tried in this latest post, btw, did I mention I am new to all this?

I like reverb, but I took your advice, in the original track posted there was reverb to some extent on every sound in the tune, but when I took all the track effects off, and just used some stereo expanders, and a very limited selection of panners and one reverb on the lead instrument, it did sound a lot better.

Not being one to take a bit of criticism as a mortal wound, I came back to this track, I hope people (and especially you Suva) find this a bit better and more to your taste. I paid for Renoise without really considering my skills, but I am fairly determined to compose music with it, even if my best stuff is only a 4 or 5 out of 10. Hence, I am keen to learn any secrets people may be willing to share on ways to improve what I have composed.

I hope I’m not too out of line to PM you Suva, I’d really like to hear if you have anything else to say!

Maybe the most important thing is that you like it yourself…

You don’t have to change a song because some people don’t like it like it is.
but only if you agree with what they say.

And maybe you should not pack the file in this format. After 10 minutes of work I still didn’t figure out how to open it.

hey I quite like it man, it’s not bad
don’t like the beat you gave it though, gets on my nerve :P
and maybe a bit too much looping going on
But I think I can understand the direction you want to go in :)

get a virb account.

Quick tip: If it’s already compressed with Ogg Vorbis, why are you putting it in a 7-zip archive? It wouldn’t save more space in this case.

soooo funny how many smiley faces people put after their devastating blows in an attempt to make it all better, lol.

suva, you are pretty much the scum of the earth :)…lowest form of life there is :) :P and i slept with your mother :) :P and then I went around and told a whole bunch of people how awesome Internet Explorer 8 is… :) :P :) :P :) :P :) :P (it’s ok i’m not a jerk because i used smiley faces) :P

lol in all seriousness though i’m aware that it’s just constructive criticism, and we all do it to make eachother better.