Phaser: wet/dry mix control?

…so in the last 10-15 years since i discovered this awesome little trick, very often i’ve been using a static phaser (ie. with LFO speed set to zero) to beef up guitar tones or enhance a speaker sim effect. It would be really awesome to do the same from renoise, except one very important key component is missing: a way to mix/blend between the dry (input) and wet (output) of this particular effect.

I know this can be accomplished by adding a send track and playing with the track output levels, but i’d really prefer to have this control directly in the effect, like it’s the case for many other ones in renoise.

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While we’re talking about (static) phaser effect, another very small detail would be very helpful: the minimum value for “rate” is currently 0.01 Hz, it would be really really useful if this value could go all the way down to 0 Hz, so i don’t have to always move two values (floor and ceiling) to the same value to create the above-mentioned static phase shifter and experiment with different frequencies to get the sound i want. – nvm, this would require an extra parameter for LFO position anyway :smiley:

yep set floor ceiling the same, then you have a phasing filter. Map both by a hydra, and you can control and automate both with a single knob 100% in sync. also you can always enter exact values via text, even with higher precision than displayed.

I always thought the “depth” parameter to be functioning close to a dry/wet, but more adequate to the character of allpass filter feedback than simple crossfading?

Hail the day when renoise will become parallel processing doofers where you could make your own dry/wet chains without sends. Day not come yet, but hope is never futile, if it were it wouldn’t be there any more…

this would require an extra parameter for LFO position anyway :smiley:

I guess you haven’t noticed yet, but in 3.1 we added a Reset control to the Chorus, Flanger, and Phaser devices.

It works just like the Reset button on the LFO device :slight_smile: