Phobium - Oort Cloud

My new album, everything done in Renoise. Using mostly FM and some U-he Tyrell N6 2 so it’s very “synthy” :)

Sounds promising. I have listened Towards Proxima Centauri for now and I have to admit it’s really atmospheric.

I have added this album to “to-listen” list.

Went through and bought a few of your albums on bandcamp, I really love your stuff! From the really ambient to the beat-oriented, it’s all quite good. It reminds me of really good 90s electronic music or something. If someone had just shown me your music with no explanation, I would have guessed it was from the 90s.

Glad to have discovered your music.

This is really up my alley. Lovin’ it!

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… Your sound is just amazing !!! Looking foward to buy your albums first i have to listen them ALL !!!

And your sounds are greeeeeaaaaat. What is the Gear/Vst used This Album ?

Good! I like it. =)So please show us a whole pre-masteing setup? =)

Thank you all for the kind words, I really appreciate it :)

As for the gear/vsts here:
Only FM8 and U-he Tyrell N6 2 are used to generate sounds. No samples or other synths.
I keep my channels fairly clean, some slight EQ here and there to cut the sub and to clean out other frequencies I don’t need. Sometimes I use a chorus or phaser to get some stereo depth.
For reverb and delay I use send channels. I got one with the native Multitap Delay, one for E-phonic Retrodelay and one channel for reverb; the M30 from TC Electronics. The master channel is clean.

So my mixer on these tracks look a lot cleaner than the one you see if you open up my demo track that came with Renoise 2.8. :)

Your track is my favorite default track in renoise!

I have listened to the whole album because I like your music. I generally like the mood, but I have to say that the longer songs are a bit too repetitive for their length; I’m all for longer songs, and I understand that repetition is the root of the genre, but some more variations would have helped.

anyway, I repeat, I liked the album as a whole