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Hello there!

Working from v2.5 with renoise. Still learning this wonderfull tool!

My question:

I have recorded a one meter length, say natural minor scale, 4/4 rythm in guitar, for example C chord

I want to make it a phrase, so I can use it in many parts for my song

Trying to transpose this phrase a fourth up (F) but my chord loop now plays faster and doesn’t fit one one meter length (plays faster)

Tried S00 SFF solution in phrase someone mentioned (retrigger all sample), but then the quality getting worst

Is there a solution? Even with midi phrase?

If it’s a sample (for example a gutar recording) try the Rubber Band tool:

If it’s a bunch of tracker notes (C-4, E-4, F-4) try the Randomizer Tool. You can transpose using the “Nearest neighbour -> Up, Down” feature.

Hope this helps.

Or, maybe Easy Tune?

Thank you for your suggestions and reply

May be it will be clear by giving an example. Uploading an xrns file:

9/8 loop, greek rythm zeimpekiko. Guitar sample recorded through jack

Thank you for your suggestions and reply

May be it will be clear by giving an example. Uploading an xrns file:

9/8 loop, greek rythm zeimpekiko. Guitar sample recorded through jack

I think there’s a misunderstanding of terminology, or shared languaged? You aren’t transposing, you are changing the pitch, of a single sample. You’ve put a guitar loop, in a phrase, set with key tracking transpose. Then you are changing the phrase trigger from C-4 to B-4. All this is going to do i make the sample play faster. In order to accomplish what you want, you need to record more guitar parts and make a multi-sample with different recordings assigned to different note ranges. Have you read?

What you did is more like granular processing. You could get a more natural result if you just slice the individual hits or chords. It can be quite convincing when transposing down or increasing loop speed. If slowing down and/or increasing pitch, there will be gaps between chops and in that case you can use the ping-pong loop to mask it up to a point.

Here’s a VERY rough example (laptop speakers + touchpad) with loop points enabled. You can probably fine tune it a bit but it should give an idea.

Edit: Also added a non-looped chop in the 2nd pattern to hear how the gaps sound.

Here is a way you can do it with Renoise 3 only. It depends on how accurate you want it and how far you want to pitch your sound and how long your initial sample is. The shorter the sample the higher the resolution/quality.

Thank you for your replies

Yeah, I followed @TheBellows video link (that exactly was my method in example 1). That was the video I mentioned

I didn’t manage to have a physical (not granular sound). May be you will find best settings for resolution/quality (LPB). I didn’t find best practice

@emre_k You are very close to solution, but the quality is not the respective I want

@Conner_Bw I know about sampling a physical instrument but you’ll find my idea bellow:

Uploading a file like emre_k solution, fixed by 2 mine tracks (

In my samples you will find my session musician: He plays 2 meters in 9/8 in a real song (zeimpekiko song C)

I want to use his real performance but transpose chords!

You will listen these strummings: CC CC C FG GG AmAm FF FC CAm AmAm EmEmEm

Ok I have basic chords: C F G Am Em

many efforts to make a sampling phrase instrument

In my example I didn’t use phrases, but I think that there would be a fair solution!

I pitched shifted up all my one meter samples (zeimpekiko_C, zeimpekiko_Cm one fourth and fifth up etc), time stretced to 72 lines (9/8 = 9*8 LPB)

So I now will follow my session player mood and change just meter beat strumming, using Sxx comands

This would be adored if I could use phrases

I want my solution being able to play many BPMs say from 100 to 200

So, emre_k I think that ping pong error is audible if I change song’s bpm

Conclusion: I want use players strumming mood but change chords for any desired beat time and for various songs

Idea: (If I have major, minor, altered etc chords, I would make a phrase bank, timestretch it to my desired tempo and use it for every beat I want applying Sxx commands)

Yeah the pingpong solution is more of a hiphop kinda thing. If you want more realism, you’re gonna have to find another solution. I would try timestretching a copy of the chord hit and crossfading it with the original sample so that you preserve the initial strum using the original and fill in the gaps with the stretched version. But it would probably be noticeable as well.

Another approach would be recording the chords individually and sequencing it in Renoise. So that you can record some long chord hits and add even more sustain using a crossfade loop or something. But that scenario would have a different downside: Sequenced 1 shot chords can sound quite unnatural and boring compared to a live guitarist strumming chords.

So yeah, you need to figure out a way according to your situation. If you can’t afford any unnaturality at all, you’re gonna have to re-record ^^

Trying to manage Redux phrases…

Rubber Band doesn’t seem to work for 2.8 till 3.1 versions in windows. So I recorded a 3 chord 9/8 example (C,F,G).

I saw an example were a multi-sliced sample, would play each slice continuously in song meter, managed through macros

More specifically:

I try to get a chord bank say with I,IV,V guitar chords, recorded in 60bpm. Example is an 9/8 meter song.

I want to have various changes between 3 chords (change slices but slices follow continued my meter time). Is this easy?

Here is the example.

If I want to change from 60BPM say to 65, I rather have to rerecord again my samples or is there a stretch tool like rubberband? Could I change through ZXLL lines per beat for my sample, and stretch it with 9XX to play in 65 bpm?


I read a lot, I think the solution is using offsets in sample slices. There is no way to get clear and no granular sound, except if you re-record samples in new BPM’s or stretch slices.

I created a rhythm bank, playing 3 chords, one meter each. When I want to arrange using specific chord in specific beat, I call zxx phrase and Sxx commands to continue my building.

Is there any LFO filter or something like that, to get clear no granular quality?

How could I use GFF command to play phrase from offset points?

Uploading new fixed example