Phrase, Autoseek and Ghost notes, timing issue

There is a neat way to fake abelton’s legato mode in renoise, when you use autoseek on loops with autoseek enabled phrases and ghost notes.
But there is a small timing issue. Triggering a loop with a ghost note will introduce a small delay, so the loops loose the sync to the beat. It seems the delay is one beat long.
I’ve attached a test song.

Have you been able to sort this out?

Nope, still a bug.
Cant get both playhead’s play on the same part, so its still out of sync. Too bad that my test song was removed after forum upgrade.

Have you sorted out how to do the legato mode in another way though?

No, not at the moment. Maybe there is another way to do it. Could be possible to do it with gain to mute a track and hydra to control that only one of the selected tracks are unmuted. Not sure.

Sounds interesting. Will try that out