Phrase editor and interpolation


I am completely new to Renoise and have a question. When I am using interpolation in the phrase editor I have trouble getting a break in sync. It is almost like a delay on the last beat before the loop starts over again. If I play the break in the pattern editor it works well. The break works well also in the phrase editor without interpolation. What am I doing wrong?


IDK you haven’t uploaded the xrns. Maybe (shooting in the dark) try the Sxx command in the phrase in steps of 8 on each line? i.e S00,S08,S10,S18,S20,S28,S30,S38 up to SF8(?)


Thanks for your reply. I have uploaded the xrns here:

Hope it helps!

Adjusting Sxx in steps of 8, try this xrns here:

breaktest-steps-of-8.xrns (316.7 KB)

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Thanks for the file! That is perfectly on beat. I used the ctrl/command + I on the Sxx row for the interpolation/time stretch. Should I use a different command to get steps of 8 or steps of 4? It seems like the ctrl + I generated different step sizes.

Is it steps of 8/4/2 that works best with interpolation in the phraser?

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