Phrase Editor discussion

Wondering if any users would care to share or discuss creative applications for the phrase editor.

How do users go about populating the matrix with a dozen or two variable patterns? By hand or are there generative techniques to create random/musical variations out there? I’m assuming the keymap mode is best for when you have several phrases programmed.

I like to use the phrase changer tool and randomize it with an LFO set to noise. I’ll usually have a c4 note set on 6 different phrase patterns each with different phrase lengths. I think this offers a different feel compared to randomizing a repeater.

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The duplicate function when the phrase number box has mouse focus is super useful. I will often duplicate a number of patterns quickly and alter the lpb value for each to create different rhythmic feels.

Phrases see a lot of use in my workflow, and I’d recommend building your own library of useful phrase presets to access on demand. I have a variety of polyrhythms, euclidian rhythms, world rhythms, probabilistic rhythms for both note triggering and note off triggering, a variety of melodic patterns, etc. This makes for quick work, as I usually know what I’m after in the phrase section.

Yes, keymapping phrases allows for easy use of the Yxx command in the pattern editor for generative triggering. And yes, sometimes I’ll use a phrase control doofer controlled by lfo for more generative/random goodness

Note that you can also use the B00 command to run phrases backwards from whatever line the command is on in the pattern editor. This doubles expressive possibility right off the bat


Then also you can offset phrases with SXX