Phrase editor new command


it will be very very useful if in the sample commands of phrase editor will be a new command “SN” “Trig Sample Number”, this is for create unique wavesequence,

just like korg wavestation…
you can put this new command near at “0S” “Trigger Sample Slice Number”

or, if it is more simple, add the “sample number” column, (like is in the tracker window for the instrument number);

if no data is inserted in this column, the sample will follow the rules setted in keyzone (overlap: play all, cycle, random)

Nobody think that this can be usefull?

Absolutely, and some ppl did hit the +1 button too.
I didn’t, as I’m against using the Sxx command - this would conflict with using a specific sample AND triggering it from a specific offset.

The sample number column is def. the way to go!

OK! Are youplanning to insert this feature in the next release 3.0.2?