phrase editor recording


stupid question,

I am not able to record in the phrase editor with midi keyboard only with pc keyboard.what I’am wrong?



In Renoise itself, MIDI notes are so deeply embedded into the instrument system that it was quite impractical to completely separate everything within the phrase editor.

So it’s currently only possible to natively edit/record phrases with the PC keyboard in Renoise.

However… Tools can ironically bypass many such limitations in Renoise, being able to do some funky stuff in their own layer on top of everything else.

I would therefore strongly recommend checking out danoise’s excellent Noodletrap tool:

This gives you some really nice flexible ways to experiment, jam, noodle, and record phrases using both PC keyboard and MIDI.

Yeah , but there’s a bug in noodle trap that makes it’s a pita when playing octaves ( amongst other ) .

PLay and hold note , play an octave higher , hanging notes etc…

because in the manual :


However, notes played via a MIDI device or the on-screen keyboard will trigger the phrase itself. Recording notes and effects is done by the exact same method used for the Pattern Editor. The phrase length (number of lines) is changed by altering the value in the box at the top left corner of the phrase. A phrase can be renamed by double-clicking on its name at the top of the phrase and typing in a new one."