[Phrase Editor]: Using MIDI CCs in Phrases

Is it possible to use MIDI CCs in phrases, so that they would be send to external hardware synthesizers?

I can’t get it to work. If that’s not implemented I would suggest it to be in future releases of renoise.

Yes, it is possible, but you might have stumbled upon the same strange quirk as I did a while back:

  1. When you are sending something like Midi CC, you NEED a note to go along with the MIDI CC command

(yes, this is crappy, but has been recognized as a bug. The instrument should be implied within a phrase)

  1. Also, the note should be located in the right-most note-column (in case you have more than one)

Both issues should be fixed in the next version.

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@danoise: thank you very much!


Sorry - could someone explain how to get midi CCs sent from inside phrases?