Phrase Editor

Not really a question, more of a confirmation to see if I’m thinking in the right way,
from anyone who’s exploring the Phrase Editor. I’m trying to see if I should delete
dblue’s Fractional Notes (v1.03). I just scanned the demo songs, I didn’t fully check
if my inquiry had an answer there.

4 beats 5 divisions (1 beat at 16 LPB)

Main Pattern Editor = 4 beats at 16 LPB (64 lines total)

Phrase Editor for 5 divisions: 80 LPB with 64 lines total

Subsequently, I can just divide the LPB and lines in the Phrase Editor to get a lower
resolution but maintain the 4 beats 5 divisions.

Something I haven’t tried yet is sub divisions…

04:07 (2-4 = 3:5) in other words…

4 beats 7 divisions and from the 7 divisions, 2 to 4 has a sub division of 3 beats 5 divisions.