Phrase maybe bypass column

Hi, I have a phrase, 3 columns:
Gtr1, gtr2, bass
I want to bypass gtr2 for certain time, say for intro.
I call redux from mixcraft daw, keymap phrases for c1-b6 transpose range.
I don’t want to duplicate phrase and call them in 2 different daw tracks…
I think a solution with macro like command from two single notes (say c8, d8 bypass gtr1, gtr2 respectively) would work, but I don’t know how to manage it…
Another problem is if I use maybe for gtr1, gtr2 , but not for bass. So the idea is I will have a combo xrni, with 2 alternative guitar strums:
C5 y8 s05, c5 y8 s07, c1, y00
Last column is global maybe
So gtr1 or gtr2 would play a little different for start hits, so more human performance!
Any solutions please?

Maybe you can put a Gainer on the gtr2 and link that to a macro?

Even more simple, you can put the macro to the Volume slider in the Modulation section


I hope this solves your problem.

Hey @EatMe, what theme are you using? Looks nice!

Ohai @Neuro_No_Neuro

I use preset Danoise: Outdoors
and then turn the global color filter (hue, saturation, value)
to +66% -34% +16% or something alike.

It looks really nice - I’ll have to try that, looks easy on the eyes.

Thank you for your instant reply!
How could I call it from daw please? Cc commands? Automation curves?
Have you a ready example please?

Find the automation lanes for the macro of your Redux instrument.

Macro Volume Switch Example.xrni (2.9 MB)

Thank you!!!

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You’re welcome.

Good morning
I can’t open xrni, I have version 3.1.1 …
Could you please send me a previous one version?
Thanks in advance!

mycombo.xrni (667.3 KB)
I found cc commands to use for macros
but how can I have bass column play forever?
Please have a look to mycombo.xrni

You have found correctly how to map the macro.
You do not need my example instrument anymore.

The bass in your .xrni always plays;
maybe you should enter more bass notes on lines in column 3 in the phrase.

Thank you!
I will try delay column for bass… (edit: not a good idea, for last line delay ff…)
editing: didn’t work if I have keymap in phrase.
If I set it to program, sxx commands work! Set cut for NNA gtr samples for more realistic performance

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