Phrase Offset greater than S80 triggers from phrase start

For some reason I cannot get this phrase to trigger from an offset greater than S80. S80 should be the middle of my phrase, correct? When the pattern reaches offsets past S80, the phrase just retriggers from the beginning. Is this intended or am I misunderstanding something?

The 0Sxx command behaves a bit differently when applied to phrases. The value actually refers to the pattern line within the phrase.

Oh Ok I get it. Thanks Dblue! So for phrases larger than 256 lines you can’t offset past line 256?

That is indeed the main downside to this approach.

We did try applying the offset in a relative fashion, just like the sample offset where 00-FF gets spread over the entire duration, but in many cases it simply resulted in crap.

If you have a phrase with a length that does not perfectly divide into 256, or any kind of odd-numbered length, then it becomes impossible to offset to an exact pattern line within the phrase. While this behaviour is still kind of interesting, in most cases it simply isn’t useful.

got it. thanks again Dblue.

Just had a radical idea: what if you could stack the Sxx commands? Maybe not useful anywhere else except in phrases, though.

This obviously just to overcome the 256/512 limitation.

That was exactly my thought too, it works for other commands so why not on 0Sxx?

interesting idea Kmaki. would solve the issue…seems like a hack maybe?..then you’d want that functionality on bpm commands in the pattern editor too and then finer granularity on other things. I guess we already stack values with pitch commands. hmmm.