Phrase preset

Saving ALL of your phrases as one preset would be amazing.

I decided I was going to make a phrase for every key on the all the keys and then save that as a preset only to discover that you could only save the current phrase and that’s it.

How I think it would work…

Select rhythmic/percussive instrument, open phrase preset full of tons of subdivisions/tuplets, lots of possibilities for insane polyrhythms/time signature shifts
Add another instrument, REPEAT.

Yes i agree and it should also be possible to copy and paste phrases too, it’s a bit annoying that you have to move phrases around to duplicate them just because there is another phrase right next to the phrase you need to duplicate. It would be much easier to select the phrase(s), copy and then paste it on the key you want.

Another completely different suggestion is the possibility to have several phrases on one key, one default phrase and a few phrases that has to be activated through a pattern command or a macro binding. That would be awesome! :D

Heh. I was actually the one arguing through the alpha test that this would be confusing -
mostly because then you’d have no way of keeping, adding and combining phrases.

So you have me to blame for your current predicament!

However, I could see this happening in an even better way as a script - using it to go “cherry picking” on the phrases you’d like to import from one instrument into another.
With a good implementation you’d have more control over the process than otherwise possible.

*Shakes fist!

The workaround I’ve come up with is making a ton of tuplets in a ton of phrases and then copying the instruments and then saving the thing as a template. THEN selecting what instruments go with the phrases.

I guess I will have to just work extra hard. Thanks :P

Also, I couldn’t get command D to duplicate phrases.

You need to focus the “Phrase Bar” before it will receive keyboard commands - ALT-click or middle-click using the mouse.

This is true for all “secondary” panels in Renoise, unless you have chosen to disable Lock Keyboard Focus (View menu)