Phrases cutting out

I have come across a bug when using phrases.When you have a lot of phrased instruments and you are sequencing them one after another, sometimes the very last hit of a phrased instrument cuts off early before the next phrased instrument hit.Sometimes this can be prevented by having the different instruments using duplicate dsp chains.However this doesn’t always work,so I have to switch the track the instruments are playing on.

Can you provide an example song file?

I can send to admin if they need it,I’d rather not share it publicly

Just thinking aloud here, but could this be ‘Voice Stealing’?

  • Has the “Track Polyphony” limit been reached here?

Could you provide more detail on what ‘a lot of phrased instruments’ means. Like, just how many are
we talking about roughly; asking so someone might be able to provide a stripped down proof of concept example .xrns to try to illustrate the topic further.

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For example three instruments,each with say 12 phrases each,sequencing them in one track mixing the phrases etc,when the instrument is sequenced in the pattern and switches to another instrument there is a cut note which is the last note before the next instrument kicks in,talking bout 8th or 16 th cut at 16lpb,bpm 215.if i move the instruments so that each time they are switched they play on a neighbour track, the cut out does not happen.

Dunno, i’ve never tried phrases yet, but possibly messing with the NNA values might help here.

No, nothing to do with nna,I should have also mentioned all the phrases are keytracked

Well had a go at phrases, attached a example poc file, from my perspective it is not doing what i had expected it to do in regards to NNA, i’ve set all three instruments to ‘continue’ but each new instrument in the track seems to ‘cut’ the one before it, and the notes within the phrases behave like ‘continue’.

So instruments with phrases, with NNA set to ‘continue’ seem to behave like ‘cut’, at any speed;
is this what you describe?

phraseVoiceTest_01.xrns (559.9 KB)


No that’s not it at all,that may be a separate issue,I only have a problem when switching between one instrument and another on the same track,last hit gets audio cut off before new instruments first hit.