Phrases: Groups, Ghost visualisation in PSM and Patterns


I’m really hooked on Phrases. But I’d like to suggest some ideas that might help with the workflow.

  1. Groups - When you create a Phrase. I’d like to see that Phrase as a group. That way, you can add/connect how many instruments as you want to that group. They will all play the original Phrase with the selected sound. This instead of having to duplicate a Phrase for a new instrument.

  2. Ghost Visualisation - Have an non editable “ghost” representation/visualisation of the Phrase in the pattern editor and also in the Pattern Sequence Matrix (like normal tracks are visualised).

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yep, this would be cool :sunglasses:. Helps lining up stuff on the other tracks as now you have to strictly go off ears.

You mean Ghostsnotes like in FL Studio?

This would be mad dope :sunglasses::partying_face::cowboy_hat_face: