Phrases: Groups, Ghost visualisation in PSM and Patterns


I’m really hooked on Phrases. But I’d like to suggest some ideas that might help with the workflow.

  1. Groups - When you create a Phrase. I’d like to see that Phrase as a group. That way, you can add/connect how many instruments as you want to that group. They will all play the original Phrase with the selected sound. This instead of having to duplicate a Phrase for a new instrument.

  2. Ghost Visualisation - Have an non editable “ghost” representation/visualisation of the Phrase in the pattern editor and also in the Pattern Sequence Matrix (like normal tracks are visualised).

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yep, this would be cool :sunglasses:. Helps lining up stuff on the other tracks as now you have to strictly go off ears.

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You mean Ghostsnotes like in FL Studio?

This would be mad dope :sunglasses::partying_face::cowboy_hat_face:

I have never used FL Studio. So I don’t know what this means.
I just want to see the notes from the Phrase represented in the track it’s triggered.


I beleive itzz the same genral idea and a useful feature sugestion for Renoise also.

Ghost notes are transparent notes from one channel in the Channel rack that show up in another channel when working in the Piano roll. They make it easy to see what notes another instrument is playing in the same pattern, and can help when layering instruments together.

for 1.: How would that work for sampled instruments, where you address specific samples in the phrase? Just use the same sample slots in the other instruments?

for 2.: What to do when the phrase cannot be visualized in the pattern? Because it is in a different LPB and/or different time?

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there’s a great tool that automatically syncs notes across tracks/instruments in groups.

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I totally missed this reply. This definitely saves time. Much better soultion than the built in Track->Duplicate function.

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