Phrases idea, merge Xrns

Hello there!
I was thinking about merge some xrns files to share its structure and patterns. Is there any tool to do this?
My project working method is below:
I begin with a loop small idea, any chopped sample.
I record performing any live idea with stringed instrument (guitar, lute, bouzouki etc)
After that I tend to rec midi with noodle trap (disabling any previous instrument). Say 7 or 8 phrases for each instrument: bass, strings, lead, drums
When I have free time I start building my material through matrix.
I start from loop pattern, after that solo stringed instrument patterns. In my method I have a matrix of 4x4 array to play around:
(90) stop ZT00
(91) C4-03 z01, C4-04 z01, C4-05 z01, C4-06 z01
(92) C4-03 z02, C4-04 z02, C4-05 z02, C4-06 z02
(93) C4-03 z03, C4-04 z03, C4-05 z03, C4-06 z03
(94) C4-03 z04, C4-04 z04, C4-05 z04, C4-06 z04
in this example 03, 04, 05, 06 are bass, strings, lead, drums
I enable some patterns I like and reuse them as aliases (91,92,93,94 are my pattern numbers, autoseq is off).
If I use for example bass 91 pattern and phrase 08 is better, I remap z01 to z08 in any alias z01 (there is such a tool)

I want to reuse some phrases but with other multisample instruments. The only solution is to export phrase and realign new samples.
How to reuse my 4x4 matrix in other projects? (I managed this with copy-paste in AE)

Ideally I would start with a template like in my image, and replace instruments or (and) phrases! if it was possible

I could change my instruments with double click in previous projects, keeping my style unique!
What about If I want to reuse my effects as whole chain in mixer and apply it batch to old or new projects? Hydra doesn’t remember settings, it only acts per project…

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