Phrases: maYbe do more than 1 note for non-mutually exclusive notes

(beatsgo) #1

The mutually exclusive mode states a specific line of notes will have one note commanded based on probabilities that are greater or equal to Y01.

However if a note has Y00 or doesn’t even have the YXX command in its column, it doesn’t activate. .

Probably the easiest way to present the end is showing this screenshot

What I’m proposing for a feature change is for a line:

  1. If it has Y00 for mutually exclusive mode

  2. Certain notes have YXX command but others don’t

  3. The non-YXX commanded notes do activate while the others don’t

  4. If the note should not activate, it should have the Y00 command on it

Want to do some wacker phrases with this where I can achieve random PWMs, or random Supersaw using random phrase offsets.

(EatMe) #2

Unfortunately, there is as of yet (Renoise 3.1) no option for a real Random Offset.

I have requested such a possibility with my request for a

idea: Sample Control Device

which would look somewhat like this:


which would then allow random offset by assigning a LFO set to Random to the Offset parameter of such a Sample Control Device.