Phrases not played by Keyboard in Phrase Editor?


I have added a phrase to an instrument and then try to play the phrase via Keyboard. Then only the note is played and not the Phrase for the Note.

When I play it with the Keyboard on the GUI then the phrase for the note will be played.

Steps to reproduce look like this:

  1. Launch Renoise

  2. Load an Instrument

  3. GoTo Sampler

  4. GoTo Phrase Editor

  5. Load A Phrase or Add a new Phrase

  6. Play a note via external Keyboard

Expected results:

Phrase should be played for Note.

Actual results:

Only Note will be played instead of complete Phrase for note.

Nobug, when the phrase editor is visible the computer keyboard will only play the notes pressed and will no trigger phrases.

And why is the behaviour for the external keyboard another then for the Keyboard in the GUI. You are right, if you are in the edit mode the phrase, then it make sense. But why is this so if you just look in the Phrase, when edit is off.

Here is a video. Maybe then is more clear what I mean.

This is how it was since it was implemented in 3.0. Well I take it as the idea is for the phrases to be programmed by computer keyboard then played back by midi keyboard and edit mode is global, so it checks if the phrase editor is visible instead.

Yo sorry, normally I have played it over my Midi Controller, but I have installed 3.1 to my Laptop without MIDI-Controller and so I was wondering about this behaviour.

But now I have checked it with 3.0 and have seen that is the same.