Phrases: Note-On and Note-Off Loop (maybe Throw in Hold Loop for the hell of it)

Phrases are nice for some extra FX oomph but when it comes to autoseek and looping (specifically single line holds) when a ADSR modulation is in place, I’m expecting the line loop to “release” at note-off. It doesn’t.
(gif is small, gotta right click and view it to see in glorious “1080P”)

I would like to see something like a note-off loop that accommodates situations where the modulation has a release. That or maybe I’m dumb and haven’t seen how looping can be done in phrases.

Are you saying that when the off note triggers the samples audio is cut off completely and doesn’t release at all even though you have an envelope?

Cause it does release when I tried it, with the sound fading out


When you look at the phrase, a note-off stops the phrase completely negating the other lines below it. This is a better example:

Oooooh ok now I understand. You could just use a gainer set to -inf and use the fx column to turn it off and on as you want it to where the note offs are instead. That way the phrase will be muted at the steps you want but it would continue to loop.