Phrases - post up your .xrns files to demo

I thought I’d start a new thread so maybe people can post up .xrns files from Renoise 3, which demonstrate how they are using the new phrases feature.

So, post away!

First the more obvious use, drum slicing and arpeggios:

But I’m sure thats the first things everybody tries. :P

But you can also use phrases to easily create Steve Reich-style phasing:

My link

chord memories

Thanks for the .xrns files, kjl. They sort of confirmed in my mind what I had experienced when I made a basic song using phrases - I would much rather have words representing the phrases, than notes.
I’ll try to convert a song I’ve made in the past into phrases, and convert the VSTs to samples, and upload it, to demonstrate what I mean. (It shouldn’t need demonstrating, it’s obvious, but it might help.)