Phuturetone GR-8


I’m new to VST’s and recently I discovered Phuturetone GR8 and made an awesome melody. I created the melody in the digital audio workstation Renoise. However I want the melody to go silent at a certain point in my track. Usely with samples I use the OFF command in the note column to silence the sample so I don’t hear it anymore (in the next pattern). However with Phuturetone GR8 as a VST this does not work: the sound slowly fades away. However I want an immediately stop / silence. How can I achieve this in (combination with Renoise).

Thanks in advance.

I guess then you would have to lower the release value inside Phuturetone GR8. OFF is just sending a note-off midi command and it is up to the synth what then will happen.

But if I lower the release, wouldn’t have an effect on the patterns where there is the melody? I just want the melody (and Phuturetone GR8) to stop generate any sound/noise at a surtain point in my track. For example after the melody I want a pattern with only beats, without any other sounds.

If decreasing the release doesn’t work for you, then you’ll obviously have to automate the track’s volume to zero.

you can use LC0 and L00 to set/cut volume on a vst track if you want to do it via fx commands

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So I have to put the volume of the pattern / column where I want to stop the melody to zero and then the next pattern will start without the ‘noise’ from the VST? Then I must try to figure that out how that works, because my first try did not work :frowning:

use LC0 & L00 in the effect column
Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 2.53.44 PM

Well, you can also automate the release using an automation device, and only lowering it for the last note. Or maybe you should simply at a gainer device and automate that (don’t forget to restore the volume to 0 again in the next pattern then). Then also the volume of the gainer is relative only to this purpose, and not later mixing.

A more advanced technics would be to use the “note-off velocity”.

right, this one is a gem to know

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The LC0 and L00 did have the desired outcome! Thanks :+1:

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