Physically Printing Out Renoise Song Files Or .mod Files?

Hello there,

I was wondering if there was an easy way to print out renoise song files or .mod files to a hard physical copy for easy analysis and scribbling down notes and ideas.

I have found a .mod to midi convertor and a midi to text convertor but the results are difficult to read through.

If there is any way to have a well formatted and easy to digest print out of song files, I’d really like to know about it!

Print out in what format though? Traditional music notation?

If so I can suggest metaphorically chaining these two free apps together:

Is this what you are asking?

Hi, thanks for your reply. Sorry, I wasn’t particularly clear, ideally I’d like to print out in a format similar to the screen layout for renoise i.e. information in columns and rows.

Mick rippon used to have written a nice php script for that (at least allowing to transcode your pattern contents to printable output), but he seemed to have pulled it offline:

Yeah, something like that clip2code would’ve been ideal! I’ll try and email him but in the meantime, if anyone had any workarounds, please share!

This is a super fucking awesome idea. Just came here to say that.

Clip to code’s PHP code :huh: is here:

It’s deprecated. That is, it hasn’t worked for many years. But if anyone wants to pick up the slack… Tada!

Better yet. A new Lua version?

I’ll think about it ;D

Well I’ve got my fingers crossed and I’m holding my breath now …