Piano Bright, one vel layer sampled from Pianoteq D4


and another one, same samples, but lp biquad instead of lp single filter, and a lot louder and other tweaks

Piano Bright BQ


Thanks a lot, they sound very good.

glad you like them

i just noticed the BQ version’s sensitivitygoes only down to velocity 36, adding another velocity tracker in the volume chain stretches it to 0 again

some update:

Piano Bright BQ 1.1 majestic :slight_smile:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwbAOzwIhUQkZHpfU2Z1b2doSTQ/view?usp=sharing

uses more velocity range, more filtering on middle velocities, no more mpReverb, eq’ing now sounds good on hs8 speakers too

nice one!

Sounds great, thanks.