Piano Roll

I am really impressed to see a great, new tracker out there! There is one thing that almost all trackers lack that I find myself enjoying in other music programs: The piano roll editor.

I am thoroughly impressed with this app, but I’d be absolutely IN LOVE if it had some sort of piano roll editor or box editor. For some reason I find it easier to put the music I have in my head down in a graph-like fashion than I do with notation. Although I still see the need to be able to recognize what the notes are, my brain doesn’t really work that way. My musical brain thinks in “relative intervals”. To have something that I could edit the notes relatively would be wonderful. Some early trackers for macintosh had piano roll and box graphs- it seemed common place on that platform. But I haven’t found a single tracker on windows that has this feature! Now that there is a new high quality tracker in development, maybe I can finally see those features brought to windows.

I hate to be the one with bad news, but piano rolls is not something that is kindly appreciated among most of us, even the developers :unsure:

But hey, you’ll never know, you should drink alot of pure patience though…

Say whatever you wish, but I agree with hobonobo that an ideal music composing environment should support both ways of editing notes. Tracker-style notation is great and easy to use for rhythm section, breakbeat drumloop tricks and programming effects, but when it comes to creating a solo for example, I find it much more convenient to use pianorolls. It would be great to have a pianoroll in Renoise (as well as MIDI tracks with true MIDI resolution).


The pianoroll editor has already been discused in the chan, and was already proposed by celsius months ago.

But don’t expect to see such feature before v2.0, as it would need a massive core rewrite or some shit like that…

yeps, the whole to do or not to do pianoroll,
issue has been done to death and beyond.
Let’s end this thread right here and now!