My first attempt at a piano/synth/strings film score-ish type thing. Please have a listen, thanks.



Hey phuture, thanks for listening! Now that you mention it, I understand what you mean…I’ll bet that song is also in E minor…and since I’m using fairly common progressions it probably sounds similar to a bunch of other tracks, guess I need to start learning some more scales. lol

The piece sounds pretty nice. The staccato variation around 75% of the song is nicely thought out. I would have toyed around a bit more with the velocity levels of the piano though (making it more gentle where the piece is more slowly and pumping it up where stuff gets rough), it now sounds like the pianist was a bit “in a rush” to play the piece because his T.V. dinner was getting cold in the microwave oven :P.

LOL your comment is actually pretty accurate, I was having trouble with the piano plugin (piano one), it either has some bugs or just doesn’t seem to work very well with Renoise on note-offs and other various issues, so I did rush this out a bit too fast, since I was tired of messing with it. I’ll definitely try and fix the velocity before any kind of official release though, thanks for the suggestion. =)

Aha, and was your T.V. dinner still warm when you got to it?