Piano Treble & Bass Clef - Implementation

I was just playing a piano tune and a crazy idea came to my mind.

I don’t know if Renoise developers can do this but lets say that I want to able to set a range of octaves and to be recorded on a separate track.

Example of three octaves

3 octaves – 1-2 octave to be recorded to track 1-2 and the other octave to track 3.

example 2 octaves

1 octave to be recorded to track 1 and the other octave to track 2.

Just like having the Bass clef (track 1) and Treble clef (track2).

This would be great because now if you record something through your midi keyboard treble and bass clef all are mixed together and is difficult to edit the track.

That’s all ;)


Something similar has been suggested in the thread linked above. It was a suggestion for note columns rather than tracks, altho an option for the way you have said here would be good aswell!

if they add also a metronome and a virtual sustain pedal (e.x asign a midi keyboard key to be your sustain pedal)… ;)

Crazy ideas hehe :guitar:

metronome has been already implemented for next release.

I’m missing a sustain pedal too.

I use a MIDIccDevice set at CC#64 at the moment.

And aftertouch… :rolleyes:
Basic midi stuff. :)

Hmmm… When I play with VSTis like mda Piano the pedal works fine…

we (me and kyriacos) meant a virtual pedal.

Yes, we don’t have an hardware pedal :)

This does not only have to be done in realtime but could be an tool in the advanced meny called “sort notes” or something.
This tool would let you sort the notes on a track by either note number or by tone. Like sort notes in the track from left to right. Sorts all the note in chords from left to right starting with the lowest and on the left and the highest to the right.


This is a picture from a software come with Prodikeys DM… I bought the Prodikey for convenience because I dont have much space, easy for editing in Renoise ;) … I use my MK-361 C for playing…

The software is only for kids :P but it has some nice features like Virtual Sustain pedal, mix 2 instruments together, add rythms e.t.c ;)