Piano .xrni

the other day I started out looking for some piano samples… I found some and compiled them into a renoise instrument.


I don’t know where they came from.

you might want to adjust the envelopes to your own liking, but what I have is good enough for my purposes. The sound is rather sharp, but you can get a softer attack by using 0904 or something similar in the pattern effect column.

If anyone knows where these came from or if they are copyrighted or something, let me know and I’ll remove the link.


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maybe you can upload it here as well?



Thank you for the Piano :dribble:

Thanks! I can work with this

Samples are nice but the xrni format is limitation. Or i just don’t know enough about it. ;)
Limitation is that tone of the samples is the same no matter what volume the notes are played, which is not the case in real piano. Samples are not useless but little bit limited tho. Maybe i can use them anyways. Thank you.

That is why we all keep begging for multilayer structure in the new instrument layout.
Then you can add more variety in the timbre and tone.
It is still limited compared to a very good synth that has a great physics emulation engine and it does not beat the real instrument, but a piano nowadays gets pretty fine sampled… ofcourse, it takes a few GB of samples ;)

That would be nice. Even velocity controlled filter would help a lot,
and would be more usefull for me than multilayered samples.
Except someone else provides some good multilayered samples. ;)

There is some nice vsti pianos available even for free so it’s not
that big problem for windows users. I feel that things are not that bad
for Mac users either but in linux vst and other additional goodies
are limited. I wouldn’t mind at all if there was native synth
in renoise. :w00t:

I have yet to hear a sampled piano instrument that actually sounds anything like the real thing. In fact, I’ve given up.

If I need a piano part in a track, I’d find an actual piano to play and record. There’s too much subtlety that can never be achieved with a sampled instrument.

Of course real instrument is better option if one is available and you know how to play it but often that’s not the case. It also require some good recording equipment and also skills to use them.

In some cases that crappy plugin that you may have can do the job, so it’s about the song what will do the job. If it’s classical piano track, of course you need “perfect” piano, when not so realistic one works in dance music.

I belive it’s possible to have realistic sound piano plugin with good sampler and quality samples. I haven’t checked that many commercial plugins but cvpiano is quite decent, especially concidering it’s free. But that’s just my opinion…

Thanks. It’s one way to do it but it’s comfortable only with one or two channels. Imitaing piano for example you need more tracks to recieve natural feeling.