Pick up instrument's CC changes as automation without pre mapping

I’m playing with a nord modular with certain patches configured to control parameters via MIDI and it’s knobs.

If I initialize recording and play, Renoise records automations to the pattern. It perfectly recognizes the parameter changes and records them into the pattern. But it can only record one parameter at a time, so I want to use automation to avoid one parameter changes stepping into the other ones and erasing them.

If I click on the option to write automations into envelopes, then nothing gets recorded. Apparently i have to previously map parameters into the *MIDI control device before being able to automate them.

This greatly diminishes the posibility of improvisation, especially on a synth that’s differently mapped on every patch. Also, I think it’s weird that it works when recording into the pattern and doesn’t work when using the more advanced and newer autmoation.

I hope i’m getting something wrong and it’s possible to automate non previously mapped CC changes in any way.