Pickup Mode For Midi-Mapped Knobs

An option for this in the MIDI mapping dialog would be very nice.

In short, with this enabled, an on-screen fader mapped to a hardware knob should only start moving (i.e. pick up the value) when the knob reaches the same value that the fader was at. This prevents abrupt jumps in value.


this is a more than a decade old request and i dont think its been implement yet because i keep looking for ways to do this and i just end up seeing this post every time so i would like to say that this would be a game changer for performance oriented users because thats really when it comes necessary and is a very crucial part of my workflow that i just bypass by playing everything live but it can get very tricky, which is why many times i end up just writing all automations via keyboard instead of with the midi controller. That’s how much i love renoise, i just feel comfortable with a modern tracking workflow but i would really appreciate to have a midi pick up mode to modulate stuff and map the audio mixer without fear everytime i change a session . I hate doing comparisons but this is a very widespread mode in many daws etc etc no need to explain further.
Im actually surprised this is not a common problem
maybe im missing an obtuse way to accomplish this
so -unless i’m highly mistaken and somebody can point me to a similar solution- please implement this!!!


yes, this would be nice +1

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im still thinking about this

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